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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Concrete Edgers and Groovers

Concrete edgers and groovers have been made by more companies in the USA than have made brick trowels. This is probably a result of the manufacturing differences between them. Casting iron and bronze is less demanding than forging and tempering high carbon steel. Old edgers and groovers are more likely to survive than old trowels, and they are also much easier to identify because the maker’s name and city are almost always cast into the top.
A concrete edger is also called a sidewalk edger and hand edger. The concrete groover is also called a hand groover and concrete jointer. They have been made from cast iron, brass, bronze, zinc, stainless steel, and steel, with wood or plastic handles. Specialized edgers have been made for building industrial and farm structures, such as dairies.   

All major US trowel manufacturers make edgers and groovers. Here is a list of other US makers and brands over the past 100 years, with their locations where known:

W.H. Anderson Tool & Supply Co., Detroit, MI More information
Arrowsmith Concrete Tool Co.,  Arrowsmith, IL More information
Barco, see M Tools
C.H. Baum, New Britian, CT More information
Billings Union Trowel Works, Irvington and Newark, NJ More information
Blue Banner Tools, Cleveland, OH
Bluegrass, by Belknap Hardware, Louisville, KY More information (pdf)
Bonney Vise & Tool Works (Bonney Forge), Allentown, PA More information
Bridge Tool Co., St. Louis, MO (Shapleigh and E.C. Simmons Hardware brand) More information
S. Cheney & Son, Manilus, NY
Cleveland Formgrader Co., Cleveland, OH More information
Clipper Tool Co., Buffalo, NY More information
The Contractors' Tool Co. (Konkurt brand), 700 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA
Crescent Tool Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO More information
G.W. Diener Manufacturing Co., Chicago IL
Dresden Manufacturing Co., Long Beach, CA More information
Dunlap, by Sears & Roebuck, Chicago, IL More information
W.S. Godwin, Baltimore, MD & Philadelphia, PA More information
Harrington Tools, Los Angeles, CA, now in Las Vegas, NV Company website
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Chicago, IL More information
Ideal Tool Co., Indianapolis, IN More information
Iowa Novelty Co., Burlington, IA More information
Keystone Tool Works, Wilkes Barre, PA More information
Koehler Brothers Machine Co., Monaca, PA More information
Kramer Brothers Foundry (Gem brand), Dayton OH More information
Littlestown Hardware and Foundry Co., Littlestown, PA Company website Catalog
Louden Machinery Co., Fairfield, IA Wikipedia article
M Tools, by Barco Industries, Inc., Reading, PA Company website
Mayes Brothers Tool Manufacturing Co., Port Austin, MI
Miles Craft Tools, Milescraft Manufacturing Co., 10409 Meech Ave., Cleveland, OH, and Rockford, IL More information  
Nicholls Manufacturing Co., Ottumwa, IA More information
Ohio Tool Co., Auburn, NY, Columbus, OH, and South Charleston, WV More information
Orr & Lockett Hardware Co., Chicago, IL More information
C.S. Osborne Co., Harrison, NJ More information
Perfection (no information on this company)
Reading Saddle & Manufacturing Co, Reading, PA More information
Red Devil Tools, Irvington, NJ More information
Rock Island Manufacturing Co., Rock Island, IL More information
Samac (may be from UK)
Sands, by J. Sands & Sons, Detroit, MI, later Sands Level & Tool Co. More information
Slydo Cement Tools, North Royalton, OH More information
Smith & Holtum Manufacturing Co. (S&H), Clinton, WI, Freeport, IL More information
Staatsburg Tool Corp., Staatsburg, NY & Sharon, CT More information
E.C. Stearns & Co., Syracuse, NY More information
Stortz & Son, Philadelphia, PA More information
Sturgis, by Baker, Hamilton & Pacific Hardware, San Francisco, CA More information
Union Tool Co., Union, NY More information
Wrightsville Hardware Co., Wrightsville, PA More information

An uncommon narrow cast iron groover by Smith & Holtum

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