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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

History of Arrowsmith Concrete Tool Co.

Arrowsmith Concrete Tool Co., located in the tiny town of Arrowsmith, IL (population 366 in 1910, 294 in 2010), was one of the first companies to make walking edgers and groovers. They began making concrete tools around 1907, and were taken over in 1918 by Rock Island Manufacturing Co. of Rock Island, IL. Rock Island continued to make Arrowsmith tools with both company names. Arrowsmith's tools were sold in the 1919 Sears Roebuck Hardware Catalog.

The key to their short and long-handled cement tools was a handle attached with a simple swivel joint. The cast iron handle has stepped recess, and a large brass nut is machined to fit into it. The result is a joint that allows the handle to be secure while allowing movement, is easily removed, and is easily cleaned.  Here are 2 articles about Arrowsmith's products in Municipal Journal & Engineer, 1910.

Arrowsmith Concrete Tool Co. was represented at the 1911 Chicago Cement Show by W.A. Scott, J.H. Jacobs, George M. Slingloff (1879-1949), and Ralph L. Sohn. The 2 patents for their tools were by Mr. Sohn (10 Jan. 1879 - 19 Oct. 1956). Mr. Sohn was a blacksmith in Arrowsmith and nearby Cheney's Grove, but his position with the tool company is unknown. He assigned his 1911 patent to Henry M. Scott and Ralph A. Scott, so it's possible that they were the company owners, but I have been unable to verify that.

Concrete, June 1917
Concrete-Cement Age, June 1913 

Concrete Vol. 11, 1911

Arrowsmith edger & groover

Arrowsmith's patented joint

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