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Sunday, May 14, 2017

History of Sands Level and Tool

Sands (or Sand's) Level and Tool Co. has been manufacturing levels and other tools since the late 1890s, with an emphasis on masonry applications. In addition, Sands made cement tools for an unknown time.

J. Sand & Sons advertisement, Feb. 1914 
Julius Sand, a bricklayer, started the business in Detroit, Michigan. He was born 28 May 1858 in Danzig, Germany, and died 13 Dec. 1929 in Detroit. According to the Sands website, Sand invented the solid-set vial and a lightweight aluminum level. Julius Sand and Julius Sand Jr. received US Patent 1,087,555 for a cast aluminum level on 17 Feb. 1914. By 1922 the firm was operating as J. Sand and Sons. In 1943 it was purchased by Unit Rail Anchor Co., the parent company of Hubbard Tool of Pittsburgh, PA. In early 1948, Sands relocated from Detroit to 601 Clinton St., Clinton, Indiana.

While in Detroit and Clinton, Sands made a line of cement tools, primarily of conventional cast iron design. They also made cement and corner tools from stamped steel, with the brand name "Clinsteel". I was unable to determine the date that this name was introduced, but it was between 1948 and 1957. There are 4 Sands tool catalogs on the Internet Archive.

Harmon Machine Co. of Wichita, Kansas purchased Sands around 1957, and Kraft Tools bought Sands in 2005.

Sands groover, Detroit, MI
Sands groover, Clinton, IN

Sands Clinsteel corner tool, Clinton, IN 
Sands Clinsteel groovers

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