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Because of the lack of published trowel and masonry tool histories, the information here is based on other sources that may be less reliable and certainly are incomplete. These include eBay and tools that I purchase myself that are the starting points for my research. I will write what I know as I learn it. If what you read here interests you, please check back often and look for revisions and corrections. Scanned catalogs are either mine or by Rose Antique Tools and used with permission, and are on Google Docs as pdf files. A few are links to other websites. Your photos and information are welcome. Please click on any picture to enlarge it. Comments are welcome, but any with links will be deleted as possible spam.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How To Find Old Masonry Tools

Old, antique, and unique masonry tools can be found at the same places as other antiques, collectibles, and used items. Masonry tools are less common than other antiques, so finding them will require more effort. However, because demand for them is less, prices will be lower than for other antique tools.  

Yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Flea markets are usually the best and cheapest source for old tools of all kinds.

Antique stores and antique malls. Masonry tools show up occasionally in these outlets.

Antique tool clubs and other antique tool collectors.

Internet marketplaces, including eBay and Etsy. Keep in mind that sellers may not know the correct name for tools they are selling, so you may need to get creative with the words you use in your searches. Also check off "Used" to narrow down your results. See the screen shot from eBay of a search for the word "trowel".


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