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Monday, May 5, 2014

History of F.H. Crafts, Rochester, New York

F.H. Crafts products 1904
Frederick (or Frederic) Henry Crafts was a Rochester, New York, manufacturer of high quality tools for cement, paving, and asphalt, and contractor's tools and machinery. His cement tools were made of cast iron, brass, and bronze. F.H. Crafts was in business from 1896 through at least 1906, and in 1899 the business address was at his home, 97 Glenwood Park, Rochester.

Mr. Crafts was born in 1848, a graduate of the Thayer School of Civil Engineering at Dartmouth College, and Assistant Engineer, New York State Engineer Corps. He had at least 3 cement tool patents, including the distinctive coil spring handle shown below. Mr. Crafts also wrote articles for construction trade magazines, and his name is in The Engineering Index, Water and Sewage Works, Municipal Engineering, and Directory of American Cement Industries, 1909.
Google Patents US D24892
The Crafts Family A Genealogical and Biographical History
Google Patents US D24893
Google Patents US D26830
How to Lay Portland Cement Steps, Curbs and Similar Structures" by F.H. Crafts

F.H. Crafts indent roller

Annual for 1911 of the Thayer School of Civil Engineering

F.H. Crafts No. 30 Jointer
F.H. Crafts No. 30 Jointer patent date
F.H. Crafts invoice 1899

 F.H. Crafts No. 50 Edger
 F.H. Crafts No. 50 Edger

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