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Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Sled Runner

Goldblatt Tool 1952 catalog
The sled runner produces straight bed joints, usually for concrete block walls. The tool is made from carbon steel, upturned at one or both ends, with one or 2 forged, welded, riveted or screwed steel posts and a wood handle. Typical lengths range from 14 to 20 inches.

The tool has been made in the USA at least since the 1920s. Goldblatt's 1928 and 1938 catalog have 2 styles of sled runners. The one for V joints has a large wooden handle adapted from a wood float. The one for rodded joints has a rectangular wooden handle supported by 2 steel posts. The 3 jointers in the photo at the bottom have handles like a brick trowel (top), finish trowel (middle), and cement tool (bottom).

Goldblatt Tool 1938 catalog
Sled runners, unknown makers
Current US manufacturers include Bon Tool, Hubbard, Kraft, Marshalltown, Stortz, and W. Rose.


  1. Hi! I really appreciate all this info! We found 2 sled runners in the wall of my mom's house. It was built in the 1950's so the mason who left them behind must have inherited them from his grandfather. Peerless concrete had factories in Detroit and Port Huron, MI - These are marked with their name. So...I assume they belonged to someone who worked for Peerless as a mason? Can I send you pictures?

    1. Peerless would have sold them at a discount to promote their company. Send pictures to