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Sunday, May 22, 2016

History of W.A. Tyzack & Co.

W.A. Tyzack & Co. was a Sheffield, UK manufacturer of crucible steels, scythes, bill hooks, files, chisels, hammers, hand saws, trowels, other tools, and agricultural machine parts.

W.A. Tyzack & Co. originated from the division of the William Tyzack (1781-1858) family tool-manufacturing into 3 competing businesses, following the death of his son Ebenezer Tyzack (1806-1867). Ebenezer's son William Alexander Tyzack (1836-1889) was the founder, with his sons William (1864-unk.), Ebenezer Bernard (1870-1903), and John Stanley Tyzack (1878-1941) following him into the business. William's son William Alec Tyzack (1895-1979) and John's son Donald S. Tyzack (1913-1992) entered the business in time.

Stella Works (picture Don Tyzack)

The firm operated at Stella Works, Hereford Street, Sheffield, initially using water power from Porter Brook. In 1948 they purchased file manufacturer Ibbotson Brothers & Co. and their Green Lane Works on the River Don. They operated both locations until 1986, when they sold Stella Works and moved to Green Lane Works. In 1987, W.A. Tyzack & Co. took control of  rival W. Tyzack, Sons & Turner. A management buy-out in 1989 was followed in just 2 years by receivership, with parts of the business sold internationally.
W.A. Tyzack & Co. gauging trowel

 A 1968 photograph of Stella Works, just north of the St. Mary's roundabout, is at Picture Sheffield. Stella Works was demolished and the streets reconfigured, and there is a car park on the site. To get a sense of how densely Sheffield factories were built, see this Google Street View of Sylvester Gardens, a few blocks away.

Green Lane Works is being preserved. 2012 photographs of Green Lane Works are at Sheffield History.

W.A. Tyzack & Co. Ltd Stella Works, Eyre Lane and environs, Sheffield, 1951. This image has been produced from a print marked by Aerofilms Ltd for photo editing. - Britain from Above

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