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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

S. Tyzack & Son 1957 Catalogue Now Available

S. Tyzack 1957
From a book seller in the UK, I have just received S. Tyzack & Son's Ltd. Tools, their 1957 catalogue. Plasterers', bricklayers', and moulders' tools are on pages 80 to 87. The brands are Brades and WHS, but please note that S. Tyzack & Son is a different company than Joseph Tyzack of Sheffield, the company whose successor owned the Brades and WHS brands.

"In 1839, 30-year-old sawmaker Henry Tyzack moved from Sheffield to Shoreditch, just outside the City of London. Henry's father Samuel was a sawmaker, as was his younger brother Joseph and his uncle, Thomas Tyzack. We do not know exactly when Henry started making saws and other tools under his own name, but 1843 is the date used by the successor firms. In 1861 or shortly afterwards, Henry transferred the business (with two employees) to his eldest son, Samuel, who in 1860 had leased a small shop of his own. By 1871 Samuel had five employees. Henry died in 1876 and Samuel died in 1903.

"The "& Son" in the name S. Tyzack & Son likely refers to Edgar, born in 1877.... The name changed to S. Tyzack & Sons in 1905, after Edgar Tyzack inherited the business.

"Throughout its history, the Tyzack firm resold tools made by others and also sold tools that they made themselves. Their product line primarily consisted of hand tools for the carpentry and cabinetmaking trades.... The company operated until 1987 when it was finally wound down."
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