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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marshalltown Trowels Overview

Marshalltown trowels are my personal favorites because my great grandparents lived in Marshalltown, Iowa. Marshalltown is the best known trowel brand in the world. Quoting from Marshalltown's website:

Focusing on quality and innovation for over 120 years, Marshalltown Company has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction tools. MARSHALLTOWN’s tools have been the standard of quality since 1890 and are used by professionals and homeowners throughout the world for use with brick, concrete, drywall, plaster, tile, paint and wallpapering. These tools can be seen with the MARSHALLTOWN and QLT by Marshalltown labels.

Through the years MARSHALLTOWN’s product line and facilities have expanded greatly. In 2003 the company officially became Marshalltown Company. This name change reflected the expanded product offering of roughly 3000 different SKUs. MARSHALLTOWN is no longer only a “trowel” supplier. To people in the industry and to their customers, they are known for the best tools and they are known by one name - MARSHALLTOWN.

     Today, MARSHALLTOWN operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Marshalltown, Iowa and another in Fayetteville, Arkansas. MARSHALLTOWN distributes its products from its highly automated Armstrong Avenue facility, also located in Arkansas.

Marshalltown Company History
History of Marshalltown - YouTube

Screen shot of Marshalltown buildings 
Marshalltown offices on Google Streetview

1921 Marshalltown ad
These Marshalltown trowels with tags and boxes date from before bar codes.

Marshalltown 19-12 Philadelphia pattern brick trowel
Marshalltown drywall and plastering towel
Marshalltown 45-7 7 inch pointing trowel


  1. Marshalltown Company is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year and we're looking for antique Marshalltown tools. If you have anything you're willing to part with or know someone who does please email

  2. Best hand trowels hands down. 16" x 4" round nose flat tail is my go-to